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Kyabra’s Group Work and Training team offers a range of programs that may help to enhance your parenting and have more fun with your children.

Each term, we offer a selection of parenting groups and Play and Grow play opportunities.

Our parenting groups and Play and Grow groups are offered on site at Kyabra Street Runcorn, onsite at Richlands Community Centre, onsite from our office in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast, online via Zoom and at other venues in our local communities.

Kyabra’s Group Work and Training team are also actively involved in many community events, both family events and events for parents only. Local schools and cultural celebrations are amongst the family events that we support and offer our early years activities.

Upcoming Community Events

Parenting Support and Learning Groups

 During each school term, Kyabra offers a range of parenting groups that can enhance your enjoyment of parenting and assist with strategies to support you with the constantly changing challenges of parenting.

 The groups that are offered are:

Parent Trail

A ten week group for parents who live with mental health issues. The group program offers a time to join with others, share experiences of parenting and receive parenting support. Each week a topic is explored utilising creative medium. The program facilitators offer Creative Arts Therapy activities to participants to support their reflective exploration of parenting.

Bringing Up Great Kids

A six week program which offers information about child development, mindful parenting and more. Parents have the opportunity to reflect on their parenting and how they were parented. The program has lots of opportunities for experiential learning.

Circle of Security

An eight week program. Circle of Security offers a deeper awareness and understanding of parent child attachment and the role parents play in developing attachment.

Nurtured Hearts

A six week program. The Nurtured Heart Approach was originally created to support intense and challenging children. It is now recognised as an approach that can enhance every parent and child relationship and every relationship we have. The Approach teaches strategies that given time will develop secure, happy and meaningful relationships between children parents and adults.

Play & Grow

Come and share your morning with other parents and young children. Play and Grow groups are facilitated and well-resourced groups. Creative activities and learning experiences are available each session free of charge.

Our facilitators are Early Years Trained and have many years of experience supporting and working alongside parents and children.

Currently Kyabra Play and Grow groups are offered in the following suburbs

  • Sunnybank
  • Runcorn
  • Richlands/Inala

Play and Grow groups are set up and ready by 10 am and are facilitated until 12 noon.

Sunnybank and Runcorn groups operate every week no matter what the weather.

Richlands/Inala groups will be cancelled if it is raining as the venue for this occasion of Play and Grow is the beautiful park land at the Richlands Community Centre, Old Progress Road.

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