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Mobile Domestic and Family Violence Service (MDFV)

The mobile domestic and family violence service provides short-term outreach support for women and children who are experiencing family and domestic violence on the Sunshine Coast. Kyabra accepts referrals from women who are worried about their own safety and from other agencies where women have asked for assistance to plan their safety, talk through issues or get further information.

What Do We Do?

  • Provide a personalised response to your experience through case management.
  • Arrange an interpreter if you need one.
  • Discuss your safety needs and help with safety planning.
  • Provide you with practical support.
  • Assist you to complete applications for domestic violence orders, Centrelink crisis payments and other relevant applications as required.
  • Talk about your safety online and while using a mobile phone.
  • Support to explore safe housing pathways.
  • Make referrals to other services with your consent.
  • Provide support while you are staying in motel accommodation while waiting to go to a women’s shelter.
  • Support with information and advocacy as required.

Women and Children’s Domestic and Family Violence Accommodation Services

We have a purpose-built women’s shelter for single women and women with children escaping domestic and family violence. Our vision is of fair, thriving, sustainable communities that instil hope, embrace diversity, promote safety and in which all people feel a sense of belonging.

All referrals for our shelter accommodation are made through DVConnect. Please contact them directly on: 1800 811 811 or click here.

For information about what to expect when you go to a women’s shelter please click here.

For information on COVID-19 and domestic and family violence please click here.

DVConnect also provide a program called ‘Pets in Crisis’, which provides safe accommodation, food and vet care to pets whose families have escaped domestic and family violence, but who cannot take them to a shelter/refuge and have no family or friends who can care for their pet while they find safe, alternative accommodation. Please click here for more information.

DV Connect

These stories have been provided by women who have accessed our family and domestic violence services and are written in their own words. Names have not been used to protect their identity.

Survivor Stories

“I was assisted by Kyabra most importantly with a safe place to live. They provided me with support and assistance for my son for re-enrolling in school, helped to complete and lodge visa applications and helped with financial issues. They assisted in ending my previous rental tenancy after I had to leave and supported my educational studies. When I first came to Kyabra, I was feeling overwhelmed and needed help with many things. If I were not at Kyabra, I would not be in a good situation. Now I am taking small slow steps towards being a stronger woman and achieving goals that I did not have the confidence to attempt before. Kyabra assisted me in becoming a stronger woman and encouraged me to reach out to other services in the community and to achieve goals that I did not think possible. If I were to give some advice to another person in a similar circumstance, I would say just take one step at a time. Reach out and seek assistance from services like Kyabra and you too can be safe in a nice place. Live your life for yourself and not others and reach out and seek help. It may be slow steps towards progress, but each step will make you stronger, more independent and safer.” 

“Leaving my ex, I was scared too much. No one can help me. Then I met with the Kyabra person, the first person to make me feel happy. They worked with me slowly to help me understand as my English is not good. Kyabra makes me feel like I will be alright. Kyabra very good hope. Everyone understands. Kyabra made sure I understood everything. I never ever forgot Kyabra, I think of it, and it keeps me strong every day. I can walk by myself now. Kyabra worked hard for a lady like me every day. I’m strong now because Kyabra helped me. Before I don’t know where to go. Thank you a lot Kyabra. If I were going to give advice to anyone else I would say everything takes time. Give it time, understand and have hope”. 

“Not twenty-four hours after making contact with DV Connect, I was welcomed into Kyabra and started receiving support. Upon crossing over the gate, I began immediately to feel welcome and supported by the staff and began my journey to healing and starting my life again. Just seeing the smiles on my children’s faces as they arrived at Kyabra and started feeling safe again made me feel that I had made the right choice to seek help and allowed me to feel that our journey of change had started. If I could say something to another person that might be hesitant to reach out for support, it would be that I was glad that I didn’t listen to all the negative things people had told me previously about going to a refuge. I have never felt safer and more supported. I am ready to take the steps to bring about change for my family.  I am finally in a safe place where I am able to start healing without having to focus on me and my children’s safety”.

Further Resources

Domestic and Family Violence Resources: For information on Local Food Services, Visa and Immigration Information and more.

Safety Planning: At Kyabra the safety needs of people who experience domestic and family violence are prioritised. Making a safety plan is important whether you are staying in the relationship, planning to leave or have already left.

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